Simplicity is the way

Nature always look for the most simple
and eficient way to thrive. So do we.

Why? I'll tell you

Hi. I am Amarilis.

Simplicity is part of who I am and what I deliver. Let's remember that simple does not mean poor. Simple is beautiful, highly efficient, abundant and extremely easy to understand. Simple requires discipline, observation, balance, abstraction and a lot of work. I keep moving forward according to these values.

Since 2005 I've been working with Internet and all what surround it concerning interaction, visuals and content. I am bacharel in Social Communication and it was online that I found my place. I acquired knowledge in many areas as UX/ UI, Frontend development, SEO, Marketing, Design, all to achieve the simplest and efficient way to connect and help people through websites, apps and online systems.

My work is not only technical, but also creative and logical specially when I am responsible to design entire solutions or reevaluate complex and hard-to-use solutions. Each day, more and more, I am looking for the simplest, elegant, and efficient way, updating my knowledge base as demanded.


Technical Skills


HTML / CSS4 / Sass / Responsiveness


Jquery / Javascript / Git


Wordpress / Vtex (E-commerce)


React Web / React Native

In progress

Design and Marketing

UX - UI Design / Prototyping


Quality Assurance




Google Analysis Tools


Soft Skills


  • 11/2019 - Present

    Fron-End - UX/UI Designer

    Gsit Tecnologia

    • Gsit Tecnologia is a small but powerful an IT / Marketing agency that digital solutions in marketing and management to big companies in Brazil. Since it's a small company I acted in distinct roles as needed: as front-end, as UI/UX Designer, helping clients and back-end developers.
    • Front-end development of websites, apps, web systems and digital communication as e-mails, banners, forms.
    • UX / UI designs for solutions and systems using flowcharts and Figma.
    • Setup and consulting of Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Looker.
    • Quality Assurance of websites, apps, and systems.
    • Design and elaboration of documentation and tutorials for system implementation, and training.

  • 10/2017 - 11/2018

    UX Designer

    Icomm Group |

    • Icommgroup is a group of companies in the E-commerce field. I acted directly in the two main fashion online stores: "Oqvestir" and "Shop2gether". Its a large company with dozens of employees, and big revenue.
    • UX Research using NPS, Google Analytics and behavior tools as Hotjar
    • UX / UI benchmarking, planning, and design to create new features and improve usability and conversion
    • Quality Assurance of new developed layouts and functionalities
    • Project management and Front-end team management
    • Vtex and Magento management relating activities

  • May 2016 ~ Oct 2017

    UX/UI Designer - Web Developer

    Minhas Audiências (Changed to Docato)

    • Minhas Audiências was a startup when I joined the team. A small but promising company with big solution ideas in the Legal system logistics. Minhas Audiências big challenge was to digitalize and make the mechanical process of bureaucracies more fast and less expensive.
    • UX / UI research, plann and design
    • Prototyping
    • Front-end development
    • Testing and quality assurance of the developed project
    • Development of institutional and promotional digital pieces and website.

  • Apr 2015 ~ Apr 2017

    UX/UI Designer

    Salão VIP (Changed to Hyperlocal)

    • I joined Salao Vip when it was a small startup with only six employees. Its core business was a tool to help beauty salons and spa places to manage their appointments, product stock and personnel. With time, business grew and became less focus in the beauty field and more in management.
    • UX / UI research, plann and design
    • Prototyping
    • Testing and quality assurance of the developed project
    • Development of institutional and promotional digital pieces and website.

  • jun 2014 ~ apr 2015

    UX/UI Designer - Web Developer

    Cafeína Tecnologia  (Closed)

    • In 2014, Cafeina Tecnologia wasn't sure about its core business. I joined it to act mostly in the design of a tool that would allow hotels to have a cozy website with its own booking system. The tool was meant to be a cheap and easy to use and customize. Business was going well, but the founders decided to end the businesses and follow different paths.
    • UX / UI research, plann and design
    • Prototyping
    • Testing and quality assurance of the developed project
    • Development of institutional and promotional digital pieces and website.
  • aug 2011 ~ nov 2013

    UX/UI Designer

    Dafiti (accessable only in Brasil)

    • Dafiti was a startup powered by Rocket investment when I joined. At that moment, online shopping wasn't a big thing, but Dafiti wanted to be the e-commerce that would deliver anywhere in Brazil. I acted planning and designing the e-commerce using as base the most successful online stores in Europe and US, and exchanging knowledge with Zalando's team. Today, Dafiti is one of the greatest e-commerces in Brazil.
    • UX / UI research, plann and design
    • Prototyping
    • Testing and quality assurance of the developed project
    • Coordination of designers team

  • jan 2005 ~ jun 2019

    Web Developer - Designer

    Freelancer and other companies

    • Working as an entrepreneur, I helped small business to grow in the web universe by offering many services including creating websites, SEO, design of logos and promotional pieces, social media content creation, commercial photography, etc.
    • Web development
    • Online and Offline promotional and institucional design (logos, business cards, folders, banners, commercial photos, packaging design, manuals)
    • Consulting in Web and Marketing


FECAP (Álvares Penteado School of Commerce)

São Paulo, Brasil - 1996 to 1998

Advertising Technical Course. In addition to the High School base, the course included technical training classes for working in the Advertising area.

ESPM (Higher School of Advertising and Marketing)

São Paulo, Brasil - 2000 to 2005

Communication and Advertising course. It was about mastery of marketing management, communication technologies and the application of creativity in the most different areas of market insertion.


Ever since my graduation I've been venturing in the world of the web. Many of my skills are self-taught. Hover or tap the images below for the names.

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Jquery Sass Bootstrap React Git Github Wordpress Vtex Figma Photoshop Google Analytics Google Tag Manager Google Looker Studio

UX / UI Cases

Minhas Audiências
System to hire and manage legal representatives

The problem

Minhas audiências was a system built for lawyers who need to hire representatives. At that moment, all process were made manually and differently across the country. It was necessary to create a digital online system familiar to the manual process already being used. My role was to build the process and the interface needed to achieve that result.

The solution

To hire a representative, law firms needed to negotiate prices for specific services. Prices could change depending on the nature of the service and on the city and state where it takes place. A negotiating system was created. Lawyers would post a needed service and place from a starter list, and the representatives could negotiate prices in order accept or not doing the service. Because of that, the system had chat and notification functionalities, made specially for mobile.

The system also provided a managing panel to overlook the status, documentation, and transactions of all the negotiations and services going on.

The representatives would also benefit from the system by acknowledging the best places to offer their services and having special relation with preferred firms.

The result

Certainly, it was a huge project that improved on going. The results were very positive, and the company grew much in a period less than one year.

Salão VIP | Avec Brasil
Beauty salon management system

The problem

Salão Vip was the most complete system to manage beauty salons and spas. Its flexibility served both small and big businesses. It included many functionalities as creating appointments managing stocking, employees, clients, and suppliers. Unfortunately, the system had a poor design, not mobile friendly and it was still growing nonstop. My job was to redesign the system to be more user friendly.

The solution

First I adapted the current system to mobile devices. Now employees could use the system right from their phones. Meanwhile, every time a new function was added, it was already built in more efficient design.

For the main project I needed to create a new interface with ideal usability, intuitive and simple although the complex of the system. I created patterns for interactions (registering, editing) and elements (buttons, forms, menus) and I also used different components not only to redesign the old, but to expand for the new.

The result

The usability improved a lot. More people could use the tool easily. With do many clients, the company could offer better prices. Salao Vip grew so much they became a huge company absorbing small competitors.

CMS e Reservation system for hotels

The problem

Around 2010 and similar businesses were booming with promotions. Hotels were slaves of those platforms. They could never really communicate with their customers and show the spirit of the hotel mostly because there were no accessible tools to create a good website with booking system. So Cafeina stepped in creating a CMS specialized in hotels with all the tools they need to promote and book.

The solution

My job was to create a model that included a One Page promotional site and an e-commerce similar booking system. Everything should be structured in a way each hotel could customize it by themselves. The client would receive a website in just a few days, fully functional and accessible. It's important to state that booking tools were not common in Brazil at the time.

The result

Many hotels and inns acquired the service and got very satisfied, especially very peculiar inns with their own theme and environment that completely ignored.

E-commerce design

The problem

Around 2010, e-commerce wasn't very strong in Brazil specially fashion online stores. But Dafiti came to be a giant. With huge investment from Europe, in a few weeks, it gathered a huge team to make it happen. The challenge was to conquer the Brazillian customer and be the only store that would deliver anywhere inside the country. The challenges were not only online, but affected other aspects specially logistics

The solution

I was hired to make part of the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) team and there I used my UX/UI skills to create an appealing and safe online store. Using online stores as Zalando and H&M as base for research, we created a very functional and accessible e-commerce.

The result

Dafiti grew up to be one of the most rentable stores in Brazil even to this day. After Dafiti, many other apparell online stores were born, but not as robust, diverse and with the same assertive logistics as Dafiti.

Front-End / Web Design

Personal Projects

Book 'Triplo'


My great aspiration was to be a writer, but life took me other places. Finally, I was able to finish my book and now it will soon be published in Brazilian Portuguese.

App 'Falar de amor'

Falar de amor (Talk about love)

This is an app I made to train Javascript and PWA. It has simple functions to help the user to understand how they love. The app even gives some hints how to communicate love in each form of love.

Check the App
Blog 'Tenho Pânico'

Tenho pânico (Panic)

This is a Blog I made for personal purposes since I am struggling with anxiety and panic since I was 21. The Blog contains information that can help people in the same situation to get some relief.

Check the Blog
Amarilis Schneider - Front-end / UX/UI Designer