I am Amarilis.

UX designer / architect

about me

I work to give customers an experience where they can perform complex tasks in a simple and intuitive way using an online tool.

I am a solution designer that improve customer experience. I mainly work analyzing, planning, structuring, prototyping and testing solutions whose processes are mostly online as applications and systems always thinking about the user experience, the resolution of problems and satisfaction that the created solution will provide to the customer.

To accomplish my work I count on experiences and studies that come from different areas like UX, UI, Web Design, Front End, Quality Assurance, Communication and Marketing.

By providing services to Startups, I have planned, structured and prototyped solutions for unprecedented business ideas. In e-commerce, I have provided greater conversion through analyzing and creating solutions and better design improving the user experience in online stores.

Also, throughout my career, I have helped clients by offering web consulting and delivering complete online communication solutions such as website development or e-commerce, SEO, social media as well as graphic and logo design.



2000 - 2005

Bachelor of Social Communication

ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing)

São Paulo, Brazil

Marketing management and strategies, customer behavior, communication techniques, finance, logistic, market research, etc.



E-commerce Brasil / Grupo I-masters

São Paulo, Brazil

Scenario of E-commerce in Brazil, information about conversion, online stores, customer knowledge, etc.


UX Workshop certified

Reset Lab

São Paulo, Brazil

UX principles, Information architecture, prototyping, quality tests and other subjects and discussions.


  • Oct 2017 - Nov 2018

    Senior UX Designer

    Icomm Group

    shop2gether.com.br | oqvestir.com.br

    • At Icommgroup I worked on improving the user experience directly in the group's two premium fashion online stores: Shop2gether and OQVestir, the largest in Brazil.

      I ensured that projects created by Marketing and Communication departments had good usability and navigability. I improved layouts based on data and competitors analysis.

      I worked with Quality Assurance of developed projects. I helped generate insights for improvements and helped to identify bugs through analysis of data, recordings, heatmaps, and NPS results.

      I helped improve the conversion rate after the migration to a new platform by identifying, correcting and improving various conflict spots, errors, and functionalities that generated discomfort and consumer dissatisfaction.
    • Analysis of Google Analytics and NPS
    • Planning and design of solutions and functionalities to improve usability and conversion
    • Analysis of customer behavior through observation of heatmaps, recordings and AB Tests
    • Quality Assurance of new developed layouts and functionalities
    • Shopping tests in competitor e-commerces to compare and understand their strong and weak points
    • Benchmarking of competitors and other areas to develop new functionalities and raise conversion rates
    • Project management and Front-end team management

  • May 2016 ~ Oct 2017

    Senior UX Designer

    Minhas Audiências 


    • At “Minhas Audências” I had the opportunity to plan, structure and prototype the company's main product. It was a system that was the result of the idea of ​​automating a service that was entirely manual until then, but widely used: the hiring and management of legal correspondents.

      I planned, structured and prototyped all the necessary steps for the process, always with the support of feedbacks, studies and analysis that allowed me to understand what functions and which interaction points were needed and also what possible behaviors and expected actions users could present each step of the solution.

      One of the biggest challenges was to plan and structure a system that would suit both large firms and small offices, be functional for those who are working on a desktop device and at the same time functional for the correspondent who is out of the office with a mobile device and in contact with the firm all the time.

      My work helped to expand the company and create a new concept of the legal correspondents hiring process.
    • Planning and design of the solution using flow charts and visual layouts
    • Prototyping, developing layouts and testing interactions in the system
    • Design of guideline for the system such as colors, fonts, styles, shapes, patterns, CTAs, etc.
    • Quality assurance of the developed project
    • Development of layout and front-end for institutional website and transactional emails

  • Apr 2015 ~ Apr 2017

    Senior UX Designer

    Salão VIP | AVEC Brasil 


    • At Avec I was able to be in contact with the world of aesthetic services, especially because of my work which consisted in planning, structuring, creating new functions and creating Interface design for the company's main product: beauty salon and spa management system : SalãoVIP

      After analyzing the needs and demands of the clients, I structured and prototyped a completely new system that included existing and new functions of scheduling; management of employees, services, inventory and finance; marketing campaigns; all sorts of reports and even online store. All in an organized, intuitive and practical way.

      Based in my experience in Interface design and user experience, I also created a new layout for the website, a point of interaction with the final customer. In the website, the customer could schedule services in the salon of their preference.

      Based in my experience in web development and mobile design, I helped the company with a new line of products: websites and custom apps for beauty salons that were already using SalãoVIP system.
    • UX design: solution planning, flowchart building and Interface design of Website for the final user
    • UX design: solution planning, flowchart building and Interface design of SalãoVIP Management System
    • Quality assurance of developed projects
    • Design and development for transactional emails and newsletters
    • Production of Web content such as images and texts
    • Custom app design for different clients

  • jun 2014 ~ apr 2015

    UX Designer

    Cafeína Tecnologia 

    • At Cafeina Tecnologia helped develop a more local concept of hotel search and reservation. The company aimed to give a user experience different from that found in price comparison sites where the customer has little or no knowledge or experience of the atmosphere that the hotels have to offer.

      My work consisted in designing a website template with an easy and intuitive reservation system, as well as making it easy for the client to update new content. Using my knowledge in web design and user experience, and analysing other web services, I created a website template for reservations that resembled an e-commerce. At the same time, it provided resources to create the atmosphere that the hotel wanted to show to their customers.

      My work also involved design skills and creativity. I studied clients on a case-by-case basis, understanding what kind of atmosphere the hotel wanted to give to their consumer. Then, I generated suggestions of photos, fonts, texts and content to better impact their final customer.

      I helped bring back the unique experience for travelers and mainly improved the bargaining power of hotels compared to price comparison sites since it was possible to show quality, atmosphere and experience rather than just the price.
    • UX design and development of Cafeina's institutional website, blog and landing pages.
    • UX design, front-end development, SEO content and conversion optimization based on e-commerce best practices for Cafeina's main product: CMS website and booking engine for hotels and similar establishments
    • Design and development for transactional emails and newsletters
    • Production of Web content such as images and texts
  • aug 2011 ~ nov 2013

    UX Designer



    • At Dafiti I was able to part of the new world of apparel e-commerce, quite new at the time.

      My job initially consisted of improving landing pages to optimize conversion rating. The results were immensely positive and soon I was asked to redesign the online store.I recreated the layout of all the steps and coordinated tests to verify that everything was going as expected.

      I coordinated designer teams responsible for developing numerous strategic landing pages scattered around the store. Those landing pages were reviewed and improved whenever necessary.

      With the help of analysts that detected conversion problems, I analyzed the situation, suggested solutions and performed AB tests. I also suggested improvements to the store such as virtual fitting rooms, develop patterns for apparel sizes and better ways to impact the user when they decide for purchasing.

      I also design the first app of the company, still a new thing in Brazilian market that was beginning to get used to buy online.
    • UX design of Dafiti online store
    • UX design of Dafiti app for iPhone and Android
    • Conversion rate optimization strategy planning together with Marketing and IT departments
    • New functionalities planning and design for better conversion rate
    • Quality assurance of developed solutions and functionalities
    • Design of landing pages, banners, transactional emails and email marketing
    • Coordination of designers team

  • nov 2013 ~ jun 2014
    jan 2005 ~ aug 2011

    Web Designer

    Freelancer and other companies

    • Working as an entrepreneur, I helped small business to grow in the web universe by creating websites, improving SEO, introducing advantages of social media, using communication and marketing resources as brands, logos, and improvement of the business image.

      I also helped small business by building online stores, shooting comercial photos, creating social media campaigns and improving SEO.

      I mostly used Wordpress as base platform for websites and e-commerces, nevertheless, I created layouts from scratch.
    • UX design: Solution planning, flowchart building, interface design.
    • Web Design and development
    • SEO planning, implementation, and improvement
    • Graphic design of folders, business cards, product labels, stickers, banners.
    • Brand / Logo design
    • UX consulting for small business regarding websites, SEO and e-commerce platforms.


Flowchart tools (Draw.io)


Prototyping tools (InVisionApp, Balsamiq)


Design tools (adobe photoshop)


Conversion Analysis (Google Analytics)


Behavior analysis (Hotjar, Lucky Orange)


information architecture


Programming logic


Team management


Project Management


Scrum (Trello, Wrike, Basecamp)




Javascript and PHP


UX / UI Design Portfolio

Minhas Audiências
System to hire and manage legal representatives

Minhas audiências is a system built mainly for Law firms and lawyers that hires representative in other states. Nothing like it existed before its creation. The company detected a great opportunity and hire me to deliver the project. My role was to build the process and the interface needed to achieve every step.

There were many challenges along the way, specially because all the process at the time were made manually and differently by law firms across the country. It was necessary to create a digital online system with processes that resembles the way contracts were already being made. With the help of the company to rise information about all the aspects involved, I found a common ground to build this complex process.


To hire a representative, law firms need to negotiate prices for specific services. Prices could change not only based on the nature of the service and is peculiarities but also based on what state and city it had to be done. We had to list all possible services and their possible modifiers to find main bases for automatization.

Obviously, negotiation was still necessary, but we created a system that begin contract process with a first offer from the hirer lawyer firm detailing all what's needed to execute the service. Representatives could respond with a counter offer in exchange to close the deal.


The system needed to have ways to allow hirers and representatives to communicate not only for negotiation of prices but also for updates or important information of on going services at any time.

Since the law representative would always be at justice forums to execute the services, the chat tab was built thinking in mobile devices. Whatsapp was the great inspiration to design it.


It's common for law firms needing a lot of representatives in many states and cities for different services at the same time. So I had to design a way to manage all the contracts, informing their status, last messages, documents needed for the services, payment information, justice forums where services needed to be executed and so on in the same place in an easy way.


The system was projected to help law firms but representative also had to benefit from the tool as well. Therefore, they could list their prices, offer services in cities of interest and have special relation with prefered firms.


Since there was nothing like this before and all the process was already being made manually, it was very hard to monetize the product. I helped the company to find a way to do it. In the end, the company decided charging a percentage based on the services and prices practiced instead of subscription plan. I used Draw.io to build this complex system flow and Photoshop to create all the visual screens needed for the system. Certainly was a huge project that was launched and improved on going. The results were incredibl e positive and the company grew much in a period less than one year.

Salão VIP | Avec Brasil
Beauty salon management system

Salão Vip is a system to manage Beauty Salons and Spas. The greatest differential is the number of functions and the volume of processes it’s possible to manage in the same place, making it the most complet system available.

The system in flexible and serves small to big businesses. It includes all aspects of scheduling, management of professionals, services, stock, financial, marketing, suppliers, product selling, online store, apps, etc.

It was a very complex system and my job was to redesignit to make it easy to use and also be adaptable to any kind of business in the cosmetic service universe.

Constant creation of new functions

The system was already operational when I joined the team. Constantly, new functions were added on demand. If the function was good enough for all clients, so it was switched on to all. If not, just the company that demanded could use it and would be charged extra for that.

The system was well built, but with many changes being added, it looked like a great planning chart, many times confusing for the user. My job was to simplify functions, interface and interactions as much as possible


Althought the system was well built, it was only operational for desktop users. For professionals that were always busy taking care of customers, not having a mobile accessibility was a huge problem.

My job was to quickly adapt the interface layout to mobile devices. Of course a new layout was about to be developed, but for the moment, responsiveness had to happen and the integrity of the desktop interface had to be keeped.

The new ultimate interface

While working on the current system at that time, my job was to create a new interface with ideal usability, something intuitive and simple within the complex scenario.

I rised all the procedures and thought about how to create a pattern appliable for each process and function. A pattern for every register, editing, exclusion, movement, interaction. I also created patterns for buttons, tables, forms, menus etc. I made hight use of icons, tabs, columns, drag and drop and designed an interface for a system that was able to always expand more and more.

Homemade meals delivery system

Marmotex is a different kind of business, the only of its kind in Brazil in 2015. The main idea is to produce and deliver homemade meals for people in commercial places. The name “Marmita” is used to name homemade meals that people usually bring from home. They are less expensive than eating at restaurants or order food. And also allow people to have lunch in the office if they want. Of course, homemade meals needs time to be made, so, business people would prefer buying than cooking.

I was hired for a temporary project. My goal was to help the company elaborate the process and the interface of the solution.

The challenge was help the company get an overall view of the process by visualizing each step and interaction with customers and kitchens. With that in hand, they could focus on making right decisions for teh company development.

At the end, the process was still very complex, but it was enough for them to understand the flaws and oportunities. Today, they decided to created the groups on the backoffice and users simply join the group they seem fit. The supplies changed as well and they decided to produce their own meal with a lot of varieties and quality control.

The ideal interface

I created a layout where anyone could subscribe and create a business group. Members of this group would receive homemade meals every day they feel like eating such meals. Orders should be placed until 11 a.m. and members would receive their meals at noon on the registered address. Also, I elaborate the side of the kitchen or restaurant that would provide the meal options of the day and manage the orders for each business group.

CMS e Reservation system for hotels

Cafeína was a company that decide to think locally with global technology. Cafeína developed sites for Hotels, Hostels, Resorts and similar business and gave them the tools to allow customers to make reservations directly with the hotel instead of using a price comparative tool like Booking.com.

The reason was to deliver quality and increase relationship and fidelity with the customer. Usually, booking sites don’t show the spirit of the hotel, giving a superficial idea of the environment the customer will find.

Cafeína wanted to deliver the full experience for the customer, to feel the atmosphere of the hotel through pictures, videos, testimonials, and content made specially for that purpose. Cafeína also wanted to deliver a tool where hotel owners could manage their sites and reservations by themselves in a easy and intuitive way.

I had to build process and interface for a system of reservations that would attend small to big hotel business. It worked as an e-commerce. Accommodations were like a product page and reservations were products. The user could filter those “products” by lodging time, availability and room characteristics, then, when purchasing, the user would be guided to a cart and finally to a checkout and confirmation.

E-commerce design

One of the biggest e-commerces in Brazil started as a small company growing fast with huge investments. I was hired to be a part of the Conversion Rate Optimization team. My job was to improve conversion with UI design. At that time, apparel online shopping was almost nonexistent. Brazilians were not used to buy clothes or shoes online and it was a challenge to change that culture.

I designed Dafiti first website based on user experience. I had the help of analysts to bring me insights, information and problems to solve. I rebuilt the layout of the site offering the best solutions for the time. I used international reference for a lot of functions, but also made sure to instruct and give confidence to the user.

At that time, brazilians were used to shop online for electronics and stores were modeled after Amazon and similar. Looking at it now, the layout is very polluted and confusing but its adapted to the reality of that time. Brazil online shopping boosted in a few years and many more apparel (and other types) of e-commerces appeared end improved.

A new e-commerce culture

My biggest challenge was to create a new layout, fit to the brazilian public and also attractive enough to generate conversions. At the time, the concept of responsive websites wasn’t so firmly on companies minds, still, I designed a responsive version of the site as well as an app layout, another big step to improvement.

Web e Wordpress portfolio

Graphic Design portfolio

Amarilis Schneider - UX / UI Designer